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A Lease Transfer As an Alternative to Lease Termination

It can be difficult or costly to exit a lease early, as there are generally various fees and penalties associated with early termination. But if you can transfer the lease to another party, who then assumes responsibility for the lease and takes over the payments, the costs are generally quite low, especially when compared with outright termination. Auto Lease Long Island has facilitated numerous lease transfers in New York, and can help you find another person to take over your lease. Or, if you’re interested in taking over someone else’s lease, we can help there too, matching current leaseholders with those who want to buy into an extant lease. And since we aren’t forced to specialize in only one or two car manufacturers, we can play matchmaker for virtually any car lease, including Audi, Ford, Honda, GMC, Cadillac, Buick and Lexus. No matter what the vehicle or which side of the lease transfer you want to be on, we have the experience you need to assist you with your lease transfer at Auto Lease Long Island!

Let Auto Lease Long Island Handle the Specifics of Your Lease Transfer

Since Auto Lease Long Island handles so much leasing on a daily basis, we can provide a valuable “matching” service, uniting those who want to exit their lease with people who want to take it over! This can in many cases serve to accelerate the process of you getting out of your lease without penalty or excess cost! Or, if we can’t match you with another party wanting to assume your lease, we can very often take over your lease directly from the original lessor, letting you get out from under and into a lease that works better for your vehicle needs and your budget! If you’re not happy with your current lease, you can call us at 516-450-3154 to start the lease transfer process today. We have many customers who want to lease a vehicle but not for the full term, and who would be happy to take over your lease so that you no longer bear responsibility for it. Our team of auto leasing professionals can examine your current leasing contract and draw up the paperwork that needs to be filed to ensure that your present lease is no longer a burden to you. Call us today for more information on a lease transfer with Auto Lease Long Island!

If You’re Looking to Lease a New Vehicle, Auto Lease Long Island Can Help

For people who want to lease a new automobile but don’t want to shoulder the burden of a full leasing term, Auto Lease Long Island is here to help you as well! We have a quickly rotating list of current leaseholders who want to transfer the remainder of their leasing contract to you, so you can not only get a great new vehicle, but save money and reduce the total leasing term as well! You’ll still be responsible for monthly payments and mileage limits, but you won’t have the upfront payments and fees, and credit requirements will be less stringent as well! In essence, you get a great new lease for much less money! Call Auto Lease Long Island right away at 516-450-3154 for more information about how a lease transfer can help you!