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What Kind of People Are You Hiring?

For starters, we’re hiring people who love cars and want to join the number one auto leasing service in New York! We need high quality specialists in automobiles as well as generalists to join our team and help make Auto Lease Long Island even better! As an industry-leading service that matches people up with their dream vehicles, we need employees who can facilitate this process with in-depth knowledge of our vehicle selection and our amazing prices! We can provide training as well, so whether you’re a leasing neophyte or someone who already has years of experience in the car leasing business, we would be happy to consider you for a position at Auto Lease Long Island! We have a very competitive pay package and similar overall benefits. If you’re looking for a great new career, give Auto Lease Long Island a call at 516-450-3154 to find out what positions we have open that might be a perfect fit for you! Or just read further below about how Auto Lease Long Island is changing the face of auto leasing in New York State!

About Auto Lease Long Island’s Digital Leasing System

At Auto Lease Long Island, we’re revolutionizing the way that people lease automobiles. Car leasing has been mired in the past for quite some time now, still requiring that prospective customers visit a physical car lot or a show room. These premises cost a lot of money to operate, as does the maintenance of a fleet of automobiles for leasing Not only is this business model expensive, but it limits the customer’s selection of vehicles to whatever the leasing agent happens to have on hand. So — expensive, inconvenient and limiting. Sounds like a pretty bad deal, doesn’t it? That’s where Auto Lease Long Island has stepped in to completely change the game. We have done away with the concept of “premises,” and we have no physical lot or office. Our “showroom” is our website, and our “fleet” of leasable autos is composed of cars from a huge number of auto dealerships with whom we have connections. This means that the customer is never limited to just a few models or just a few manufacturers, but can choose from among a huge virtual inventory which we then source from the appropriate dealer when the customer makes their selection! This new paradigm in auto leasing means that our sales professionals have to be conversant in not just a few makes or models of car lease, but specialists in a wide range of vehicles. They have to assist in selection, answer questions, arrange financing, and assist the customer throughout the whole procedure of leasing a car from Auto Lease Long Island. Working with financial institutions to negotiate auto leasing deals on the customer’s behalf, arranging for test drives of prospective customers’ vehicles, and even delivering the vehicle for the final paperwork signing and vehicle handover — we need people who can do it all at Auto Lease Long Island.

Sound Good To You? Contact Auto Lease Long Island!

If the above sounds like it would be a stimulating challenge for you, and you feel excited about changing the car leasing industry for the better, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Call 516-450-3154 today to speak to a representative and find out what the next steps are to joining the team at Auto Lease Long Island!