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Let Auto Lease Long Island Provide You With the Mercedes-Benz You’ve Always Wanted

Auto Lease Long Island has the widest selection of Mercedes-Benz automobiles available from any leasing agent in the New York area! We’re the number-one Mercedes-Benz car leasing service in the state, and our selection and prices are just two of the reasons why! There’s nobody else in New York who can touch Auto Lease Long Island’s incredible Mercedes-Benz leasing deals on models like the AMG GT Coupe, the E-Class series (including convertible, coupe, sedan, hybrid, diesel, and wagon), the C-Class coupe and sedan, or the CLA- and CLS-Class sedans! Our affiliated Mercedes-Benz dealerships throughout the state allow us to leverage their inventory for leasing purposes, which lets us give you a huge selection of leasing candidates for the number-one selection of leased vehicles in New York! And because we’re an entirely online leasing service, we don’t have to maintain a car lot or a showroom, and that reduction in overhead lets us offer these vehicles to you at prices far lower than our competitors! There’s no better place to go for your Mercedes-Benz car lease, so check out our inventory or informational pages today — or call 516-450-3154 to speak with a sales professional from Auto Lease Long Island!

Cutting Out Overhead for the Lowest Prices At Auto Lease Long Island

Auto leasing (as well as sales) tends to be a fairly high-overhead business, starting with car lots and car showrooms. If the leasing agent has to maintain a fleet of leased vehicles, that costs money not only to obtain the cars, but to service them throughout the life of the car lease, and as often as not sell them off at a loss once the lease is over. Besides that, the physical premises (like lots, showrooms and offices) cost money in rent and upkeep, besides the fact that they require the customer to visit these premises, taking a trip out of their way to view a necessarily limited selection of cars. At Auto Lease Long Island, we’ve dispensed with the whole thing: we have no lot, no physical offices — everything is online, and we rely on our close relationships with Mercedes-Benz dealers throughout New York for our inventory! That means if the vehicle is available anywhere in the state, it’s a virtual certainty that we can lease it to you, whether it’s one of the G-Class (G, GL, GLA, GLE and GLK) series of SUVs or diesel autos, the B-Class Electric Drive Hatchback, the CL-Class Coupe or the Metris Minivan! Any Mercedes-Benz recent model is almost certain to be represented in our inventory here at Auto Lease Long Island, so check out the inventory or call 516-450-3154 today to find out how you can lease your favorite Mercedes-Benz automobile!

Auto Leasing Doesn’t Get Any More Convenient Than Auto Lease Long Island

From the Maybach Sedan to the S-Class coupe, sedan and convertibles, the SLS AMG GT Final Edition convertibles and coupes, to the M-Class diesel and SUV and the Sprinter van, all our Mercedes-Benz auto leasing is accomplished through the same streamlined online process! Start by browsing our inventory page, select the vehicle you want to lease, fill out the application form and receive credit approval, then accept the terms and monthly rate, and specify where you want your new leased vehicle to be delivered. Mercedes-Benz leasing is really that easy and convenient at Auto Lease Long Island! You don’t even have to leave your computer keyboard until the vehicle is delivered to you (entirely free of charge) and you sign the final paperwork! At that point, your Mercedes-Benz lease is finalized and you can drive it off into the sunset! For more information about leasing your dream Mercedes-Benz, call Auto Lease Long Island right away at 516-450-3154!